Vegan Protein Balls 12-pack

“A sweet vegan snack to go”

  • Vegan Protein Balls 12-pack
  • Vegan Protein Balls 12-pack
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12 x 40g
95.88 PLN 79.99 PLN
(16.66 PLN/100 g) Incl. VAT & plus shipping
Source of protein
Source of protein
Purely plant-based
Short ingredients list
Short ingredients list
Clean & natural
No artificial flavors or additives
Ready to eat
Ready to eat
Convenient yum on the go
Ingredients (Vegan protein balls lemon cake)

dates (52%), cashews (26%), rice starch, grape juice concentrate, pea protein (4%), brown rice protein (4%), lemon essential oil (1%)

Nutrition facts per 100g per 40g
Energy 1608 kJ / 382 kcal 643 kJ / 153 kcal
Fat 13g 5g
of which saturated fat 2.5g 1g
Carbohydrates 53g 21g
of which sugars 46g 18g
Fiber 3.1g 1.2g
Protein 13g 5.2g
Salt 0.13g 0.05g

NOTE: Despite careful monitoring, this product may contain hard pieces of fruits, nuts, etc.. May contain traces of egg, milk, peanuts, and other nuts.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Where does the protein in the Vegan Protein Balls come from?

We take great care to select nuts that are a natural source of protein: cashews and peanuts. But that's not all! The secret ingredients are brown rice and pea protein. The combo of pea and rice protein makes for biological value almost as good as that of milk proteins and helps give our Vegan Protein Balls their awesome texture.

Who are Vegan Protein Balls for?

Everyone! We created Vegan Protein Balls because so many of you told us you wanted them. But that doesn't mean they're just for vegans! Even if animal products are a part of your regular diet, it's still great to consume protein from a variety of different sources. Vegan Protein Balls are a great alternative to conventional sweet snacks.

Where does the subtle sweetness of the Vegan Protein Balls come from?

Rather than adding a ton of granulated sugar, we sweeten our Vegan Protein Balls with dates and grape juice concentrate. This gives them a gentle, natural sweetness and makes them the perfect alternative to conventional sugary snacks and chocolates. And the complex carbs help you quickly replenish your energy stores after a workout!

Do I need to keep Vegan Protein Balls refrigerated?

No. Our Vegan Protein Balls are best stored at room temperature. This keeps them nice and moist. And don't worry, even though our Vegan Protein Balls have a super short ingredients list, they still contain no artificial preservatives or flavors.

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