Functional tea

“Time for a great night.”

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foodspring Functional tea
Functional tea
Functional tea
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Premium quality
Premium quality
From the finest organic tea gardens
With lemon balm & lavender
With lemon balm & lavender
The Mediterranean dream duo
No artificial flavouring
No artificial flavouring
Authentic flavour
For a great night
Perfect composition
For a good night's sleep  
Ingredients: Ginger pieces CO*, lemon balm leaves CO*(15%), liquorice root CO*, verbena CO*, orange peel CO*, malva leaves CO* (8%), dandelion CO*, lemongrass CO*, carrot pieces CO*, tulsi herb CO* (3%), coriander CO*, cloves CO*, lavender blossom CO* (1.5%), pink pepper CO*
*Certified Organic
Every tub is individually filled with 70 g of tea. The amount of tea in every tub can differ because of the different sizes or fruits and herbs in each individual tea. Simply because some of the ingredients take up more or less space than others.

This is how to make the perfect tea.

1 teaspoon of tea.
200 ml water.
Infusion time
Infusion time: 5 minutes.
Water temperature
Water temperature: 100°C
Dosage & Preparation
Add one teaspoon to 200 ml of 100°C boiling water and let stand for five minutes.
Our tip

Enjoy your tea the way it is. Or add your own personal touch to it. For example, with a splash of lemon. A shot of agave syrup. Or a teaspoon of honey.

Recommended times
  • Evening
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Frequently Asked Questions
How many cups of tea does Evening Relax Tea make?

It depends on how large your teaspoon is and how much you heap it. If you follow our recommendation and use two teaspoons per 200 ml of water – so one cup of tea – then you should get at least 20 cups of tea out of it, maybe even a few more. When adjusted to our foodspring tea bottle that means: 10–11 full bottles of tea.

Does Evening Relax Tea contain caffeine?

No. Our Evening Relax Tea is up to 100% caffeine-free. Instead, it contains lemon balm leaves, verbena and lavender blossoms, which are known for their calming properties.

Why don’t you use any flavourings?

We only use high-quality organic ingredients for our teas. Their premium quality and gentle processing ensure that each individual ingredient can develop its own full, unadulterated flavour. All other flavourings are therefore simply not necessary. They would only serve to mute the natural flavours.

Are teabags not more practical?

Tastes vary. Because drinking tea is all about enjoyment, it is important to us that our tea has the right flavour. Loose tea has a distinct advantage over teabags: You can adjust the strength just the way you like it. Aside from that, each teabag that we don't use is one less piece of rubbish that doesn't need to be disposed of.

What is the best way to prepare Evening Relax Tea?

Either with a tea strainer or a reusable teabag in a mug. We recommend a teaspoon of Easy Relax for 200 ml of water. The water should be boiled to 100 °C when you pour it. It is best to pour the water over the tea as soon as your kettle has finished boiling. Then simply let it steep for five minutes and remove the strainer.

Can I also drink Evening Relax Tea during the day?

Theoretically, yes. We would however recommend out All Day Cleanse Tea for drinking throughout the day. It contains a small amount of caffeine, which will help you to maintain focus on any tasks you need to get done. The combination of ingredients is just right for maintaining focus on the one hand, and not letting yourself get too stressed with everyday life on the other.

The perfect addition
Functional tea
Functional tea
Luxurious tea for the whole day
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