Protein Ice Cream

“Yummy ice cream that’s low in sugar”

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  • Protein Ice Cream
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39.99 PLN
Incl. VAT (166.63 PLN/1 kg)
Melt-in-the-mouth & deliciously creamy
Melty and delicious
Fruity or creamy - the true taste of summer
No added sugar
No added sugar 
Yes to pleasure, no to sugar bombs
Very high protein content
High in protein
Take care of your muscles, even on vacation
Simply mix with water & freeze
Simple and fast
Use any popsicle mold, no ice cream maker necessary
 Whey protein from pasture-raised cows
Premium Whey Protein
From the highest quality grass-fed milk 
Ingredients (chocolate flavour)

Whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, sweetener (xylitol, steviol glycosides), cocoa powder (9.0%), dark chocolate drops (cocoa mass, sweetener (xylitol), cocoa butter, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), flavour) (2.5%), natural flavouring (contains lactose), MCT oil (coconut oil), thickener (guar gum), acidulant (citric acid), emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), sea salt


Powder for making high-protein ice cream. Contains sweeteners.

Nutritional information per 100 g of powder per 60 g of powder (2 ice creams)
Energy 1581 kJ / 376 kcal 949 kJ / 226 kcal
Fat 9.8 g 5.9 g
of which saturated fatty acids 7 g 4.2 g
Carbohydrate 24 g 14 g
of which sugar 0.8 g 0.5 g
of which polyols 20 g 12 g
Protein 54 g 32 g
Salt 0.64 g 0.4 g

May contain traces of sesame seeds, peanuts and other nuts. Excess consumption may have a laxative effect.

Making ice cream never has been this simple.

Mix our Protein Ice simply with water in 30 seconds. Fill the liquid into a container of your choice. Re-use plastic cups, put a spon into the mix and freeze it. Popsicles made easy & environmentally friendly. Or use a little bowl. Or an ice cube tray for delicious protein cubes. Of course, you can also use a ready made popsicle form.

Popsicles made with recycled plastic cups.

Popsicles made with recycled plastic cups. 

Prepared in little bowls to eat with a spoon.

Prepared in little bowls to eat with a spoon. 

Ice confectionary made with an ice cube tray.

Ice confectionary made with an ice cube tray.

Popsicles made with readily available popsicle forms.

Popsicles made with readily available popsicle forms. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I also use milk instead of water in the ice cream mix? 

You’re more than welcome to do so! The consistency will be slightly thicker and creamier than if you’d used water. You can also use a combination of milk and water.

How much ice cream can I make from one Protein Ice Cream package?

One package of Protein Ice Cream is enough for around eight popsicles. But it does depend on the shape and size of your container or mold. We recommend a serving size of 60g of powder and 70ml of water.

How did you manage to get that much protein into your Protein Ice Cream? 

Our secret: protein isolate plus concentrate from the very best grass-fed milk. Our Protein Ice Cream is high in protein and low in sugar.* Total indulgence anytime!
*Compared to conventional protein ice creams

Why do you use both xylitol and steviol glycosides as sweeteners?

These two just complement each other so well. Xylitol isn’t very sweet, but it gives our Protein Ice Cream its amazingly smooth texture – and it has fewer calories than sugar. Meanwhile, steviol glycosides are super sweet, but don’t affect the texture of the ice cream. And they don’t have any calories at all! 

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