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No artificial additives
No chemical fertilisers
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100% natural vegetables
No fat, no additives
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Made in Germany
Highest quality standards
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Patented PÄX vacuum drying
80% of the vitamin content remains intact
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Sustainable and natural
Premium quality fruit from organic farming

Dried courgettes and tomatoes. 765 g of fresh zucchini and 850 g of fresh tomatoes are used for the production of 100 g product.

Nutritional information per 100 g
Energy 1359 kJ / 323 kcal
Fat 3.0 g
of which saturated fatty acids 0.5 g
Carbohydrates 44 g
of which sugar 35 g
Fibre 19 g
Protein 21 g
Salt 0.11 g

A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are essential.

Dosage & Preparation

Crunchy Veggies are a great idea when you feel like a hearty snack or just want something to nibble on. You didn’t have time to chop up some crudités and still want something healthy? The crisps everyone else is snacking on don’t fit into your nutrition plan? Crunchy Veggies are always a practical option. For the little hunger between meals or when you feel like a savoury snack.

Our Tip

As a topping for a salad, Crunchy Veggies offer some delicious extra flavour. With a peanut butter dip, they may not be as low in fat, but are still a lot healthier than traditional crisps. And they are unbelievably tasty.

Recommended times
  • Evening
  • After a workout
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General information for dried tomatoes/courgette

Dried tomatoes meet dried courgette – a combination that perfectly combines delicious flavours. Our Crunchy Veggies are a healthy snack alternative, especially for lovers of savoury snacks.

Tomato/courgette Crunchy Veggies are versatile: They are low in fat and rich in protein for a snack between meals, a topping for salads, as a base for homemade antipasti with healthy oils or whatever else takes your fancy.

There is no limit to your creativity. Our Crunchy Veggies taste incredible – guaranteed.

Our Crunchy Fruits combine 100% courgette with 100% tomato. Our patented vacuum drying process allows us to leave out any additives and flavour enhancers while retaining the valuable properties of the actual vegetables.

Highlights of the Crunchy Veggies by foodspring

  • Rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Maximised nutrient density due to gentle processing and vacuum packing
  • Rich flavour and a crunchy consistency – 100% untainted goodness
  • Absolutely no chemical additives or chemical processing agents
  • Processed right after harvesting for guaranteed freshness

The advantages of dried tomatoes/courgette

There are 30 g of dried tomatoes and 30 g of dried courgette in a bag of Crunchy Veggies.
That amounts to 5 fresh tomatoes and 2 fresh courgettes.

As opposed to vegetable crisps, for example, our dried tomatoes and dried courgettes are not placed in fat, deep-fried or processed in any other way. That is how our Crunchy Veggies end up to be lower calorie than regular (vegetable) crisps or antipasti.

Dried courgette

Courgette is rich in fibres, potassium, calcium and vitamins like Vitamin A and E and contribute to a balanced and healthy diet. Courgette consists of on average up to 93% water, which is why they are not exactly known for an intense flavour. Dried courgette will be pretty bland then too, right? Wrong! The vacuum drying process draws most of the water from the courgette. That means that they basically shrivel up. The nutrients and also the flavour are concentrated in a much smaller mass. That is why the courgettes in our Crunchy Veggies may very well be the best you will ever eat!

Dried tomatoes

Tomatoes are naturally very nutritious. Their high lycopene content supports the natural immune response in the body and can help eliminate food cravings. In addition to that, they also contribute largely to providing you with adequate amounts of potassium. Athletes in particular need a lot more potassium and benefit from additional amounts. Caution: Tomatoes alone are not enough to cover your potassium requirements.

Production of dried tomatoes/courgette

Once the vegetables have been harvested, they are washed, cut and pre-dried. After that, our dried tomatoes and courgettes are vacuum dried using our patented PÄX technology.

During this gentle process, 80% of the original vitamin content remains intact.

Correct usage for dried tomatoes/courgettes

As a healthy snack option

Salty snacks are a matter of course in every buffet and casual evenings. Our Crunchy Veggies are the perfect alternative for traditional vegetable crisps. They are low in fat, offer plenty of protein and taste amazing.

As a topping for your favourite recipes

Pasta, salad or risotto – our dried tomatoes/courgettes add a whole new flavour to these dishes. They bring the fresh, nutty aroma of Mediterranean flair to your kitchen. Their great nutritional value keeps recipes – as opposed to classic antipasti – low calorie. No need to limit your creativity with this ingredient!

Dried tomatoes/courgettes as Antipasti

It is quick and easy to transform Crunchy Veggies into antipasti. Ready-made antipasti from the shop are often manufactured with low quality oils. Simply pickle the dried tomato/courgette Crunchy Veggies in a high quality cold-pressed oil of your choice and flavour them with herbs and spices. Only then can you be absolutely sure that no artificial additives get on your plate and you can flavour everything just the way you like it.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I buy "Crunchy Veggies" instead of traditional veggie crisps?

The less additives, the cleaner the food. foodspring Crunchy Fruits are 100% free from additives. Traditional veggie crisps are often deep-fried or baked in oil. That significantly increases their calorie and fat content. Furthermore, they are often treated with flavour enhancers and chemical additives. You’ll find none of that in our Crunchy Veggies. As a result, they get top marks in terms of nutritional value.

Why tomato and courgette?

For one, because tomato and courgette are both healthy and low calorie and can also contribute to a balanced nutrition. And secondly: Because they taste great. Mediterranean holiday flair meets regional produce. What more could you want?

How can the veggies be so savoury without any additives?

The patented PÄX production process makes the veggies – for lack of a better word – shrivel up using a vacuum drying process. As the vegetables are free of any additives, the full natural flavour is compressed into a smaller mass. That is how our Crunchy Veggies get their incredibly intense flavour.

What does vacuum drying mean?

Vacuum drying is an ultra gentle process that protects nutrients. Unlike traditional drying methods, this process retains up to 80% of the original nutrients contained in the fresh fruit. Our tomatoes and courgettes are washed right after harvesting, then sliced by hand, pre-dried and finally vacuum dried with applied heat.

Why should I pay this amount for Crunchy Veggies?

Quality is important to us. We set the bar very high for our patented Crunchy Fruits. Hand-picked raw materials, gentle processing and no artificial additives like flavour enhancers or colourants – all of that makes Crunchy Fruits a very high quality product with an unusual and unrivalled taste.

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