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"foodspring offers premium quality sports nutrition developed as an alternative to low quality products and expensive big name brands." ( - the German Health Portal)

Our bestsellers include premium quality organic products: Hand-picked white chia seeds and untreated, cold-pressed coconut oil from fair trade. Our vegan amino acids are a hit with our customers too. The evergreen bestsellers in the foodspring range: Our Whey Protein and the delicious Shape Shake made from particularly wholesome milk from free range grazing cows.

"[...] I have tried plenty of proteins that were supposedly "very good" quality [...] Nothing tasted as great and natural or was as perfectly soluble as this one! What I like most about this product is that I don't have to worry about anything (antibiotics or other additives) when I drink it [...]" (Monika, a foodspring customer)

We carefully retain the valuable nutrients provided by nature and create functional food for athletes and anyone wanting to follow a healthy diet long-term.

Which products have made it into our list of bestsellers?

The trend favouring food products of natural origin continues unabated. More and more consumers are demanding sustainable products for their health-conscious lifestyles. At foodspring we strive to meet these demands.  Not just an absolute highlight of the market, but also a customer favourite: Our  whey protein

The protein concentrate is extracted from milk from grass-fed cows raised on a diet of 100% plant-based feed. This allows us to provide the perfect food supplement for those who support humane dairy farming and sustainable agriculture and also want to provide their bodies with high-quality protein. 

Our customers rely on our top-quality organic coconut oil for fine cuisine and several other uses. Top quality means 0% additives and a particularly high healthy fatty acids content. It also means certified organic and fair-trade of course. Also in great demand: The foodspring organically-sourced white chia seeds. A rare superfood, rich in protein and full of vital substances - it doesn’t get healthier than this. For the growing green smoothie fan base we've got our Superfood Greens.

Our sports nutrition is reinventing the market. Our Shape Shake or L-Carnitine are sure to win you over as companions on your quest for a beach body or as vegan BCAAs for ambitious athletes. And our product packs are perfect for those who not only want to live fit and healthy lifestyles, but also want to save money where they can.

That's what makes our bestsellers bestsellers.

The trend favouring natural food free of E numbers and other mystery ingredients continues unabated. A large number of suppliers have entered this growing market with non-transparent, low-quality products. Something that appears healthy at first glance is often a sham upon closer inspection. foodspring is not blindly following a trend, but rather leading by example. When you choose foodspring, you choose innovative, sophisticated and original productsWe are always here for you. Our experts are available to answer your questions about our bestsellers and other offers as well as your personal training goals.